Seven fifth grade girls from Troop 640 have earned the highest Junior Girl Scout Award, the Bronze Award.  The girls are Katya, Helena,  Sydney, Heidi, Eleanor, Nina and Mia.  They were supported in this efforts by their new troopmates, Mary, Lily, and Alyssa.

To earn the Bronze Award the girls recycled wood pallets from our school’s construction site and built bat houses.  They measured, sawed and hammered the wood to create houses to offer the perfect shelter for bats.   Bats are important to our ecosystem to control bugs– without chemicals.   The houses have now been put up and we are eagerly awaiting bats to move in!  If you would like more info about bat houses and how you might build one, please contact us!
Girl Scouts build girls of character through girl driven program.  This project was designed by the girls.  Since being a troop at Agnor Hurt the girls have had chances to learn many new skills (for example – this year -geocaching, crocheting, fire building) and new experiences (swimming, camping overnight, horseback riding).  If you would like to know more about Girl Scouts and how YOU might get involved – please contact me Diane Benham, 434-227-2516 or  What a wonderful chance to be involved with your girl — have fun adventures and watch her grow as a leader.  Our girls grow up so fast – won’t you spend some time with your girl and her friends now, shaping them into the young women they are to become?

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