There will be no school on March 1, 2016, per this message from the school district:

Dear Members of Our School Community,

At the request of the Albemarle County Electoral Board, our School Board voted last evening to close all schools on Tuesday, March 1, in response to the large number of voters who are expected to participate in the dual presidential primary election that day. March 1 now will be a Green Work Day for teachers and other eligible employees. Read our news release »

Our objectives in closing schools on March 1 include avoiding congestion in the schools, alleviating parking issues, and improving our ability to maintain normal security measures.

We will not add another make-up day to the school calendar to compensate for the March 1 closure, since the school division’s annual instruction hours already exceed state requirements.

Speaking of calendar issues, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in our recent calendar survey. More than 1,600 parents, students, employees, and community members shared their feedback regarding our two calendar drafts for the 2016-17 school year. Please visit the 2016-17 Calendar Development web page to see the survey feedback and learn more about the process.


Dr. Matt Haas
Deputy Superintendent
Albemarle County Public Schools


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