PREP/PRC is sponsoring the next Parent 2 Parent ADHD Training Course, starting September 14th, at their new location on Pantops. This is a 5-week, parent-led course that provides education and community-building opportunities for parents of children with ADHD. Topics cover the lifecycle of ADHD and include the neuro-biology/facts of ADHD, treatment options, navigating schools/IEPs/504s, bridging the gap between home & school, parenting techniques & behavior modification, teenage issues and concerns and preparing them for adulthood.  

Parents can download the brochure and/or register using the following link: p2p-registration.html

or they can contact the Parent Resource Center by emailing Deborah Anama at or Kate Barrett at

Thanks to the sponsorship of PRC, the only expense for the course is $55.00, to cover the cost of the workbook, which includes form letters, articles, research, parenting tips and templates. There is 1 scholarship spot available(which includes the workbook).  Parents are also welcome to attend any of the course classes at any time, but they will get far more from attending all 5 evenings.

Parents can also find out more about events and resources at the Parent Resource Center by signing up for the newsletter for PRC/PREP by going to this website: prc/  To paraphrase the landing page: “The Parent Resource Center (PRC) serves parents of children with disabilities or special needs and promotes partnerships among parents, educators, and community resources.  The PRC operates on the philosophy that parents are a valuable resource in planning the education of their special needs child.  The PRC serves as an information and referral source for needed services that are available in our community, training for parents, and provides support and information groups for families and educators.  The PRC works to promote an understanding of the special education process by establishing working relationship among parents, educators and varied community resources.  In addition, the PRC maintains a book and video lending library to provide historical and current information on meeting the needs of special needs students.” ( )


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