We had a great PTO meeting on September 14;  thank you to all the parents and teachers who attended!  You can see the meeting minutes here.

Highlights include:
-A budget for 2016-2017 was proposed and passed.
-Some great new ideas for this year were suggested!  Many of them can be implemented, as long as we have a few parent volunteers to make them happen.
-There is a bond referendum on the ballot in November that affects all schools in the County.  Please educate yourself so that you can make an informed decision on how to vote.
-We are forming a committee to draw up plans for a new playground near the 2nd/3rd grade wing.  We need some parents, teachers, and students to help out with this!  Contact us to volunteer.
-The PTO values YOUR ideas and would like to hear your suggestions for projects/goals for this year.  E-mail us or come to the next PTO meeting to share your ideas!
-A representative from ACPS will attend the next PTO meeting (October 4) to discuss the plans for the Woodbrook addition.


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