Elections on November 7

Election day is coming!  On November 7, in addition to the regular state and local elections, we will have the opportunity to elect our Rio District School Board representative.  There is a lot going on in Albemarle County Public Schools right now – redistricting talks, a new superintendent, new high school curriculum – so it’s an important time to make your voice heard!

Here are some links to information about the upcoming election:
C’ville Tomorrow election articles
Katrina Callsen’s website
Mary McIntyre’s website
sample ballot

Besides our School Board candidates, we will have the opportunity to elect a new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, member of the Virginia House of Delegates, and Rio District representative to the county Board of Supervisors.

The League of Women Voters is holding two upcoming candidate forums that affect our district:

Albemarle School Board Candidates — Oct. 19, 6:30-8 pm
Jefferson Madison Regional Library, Main Branch 201 E Market St, Charlottesville, VA
22902 Moderator: Michele Kellermann

Albemarle Board of Supervisors Candidates — Oct. 26, 6:30-8 pm
Albemarle County Office Building 401 McIntire Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Moderator: Mimi Bender, CEO and founder of Women’s Health Virginia


Parent Council Corner – September 2017

Did you know? Did you know that each of our Albemarle County Schools has a Diversity Resource Teacher {DRT} to benefit not only our children but our community of parents as well? The Diversity Resource Teachers in our schools are often, already full-time teachers and take on this role to benefit our student body and school community. 
Role of the DRT? These educators offer leadership in our equity and diversity priorities, plan and organize staff development sessions, and are readily available to help our students and parents start or continue conversations centered around what are sometimes difficult topics or unfamiliar territory for us. They are culturally responsive educators who focus on how to teach and get results. “if I can relate to you, I can teach you more, and you can learn better.” One of their primary goals is to close the achievement gap. “Addressing achievement gaps by closing relationship gaps.”
Our Gator DRT? Marco Tello! Mr. Tello is more than excited to talk with our children about any and all questions that may come up this year! He is also willing to speak with us as a community of parents, so please do not hesitate to reach out to him. You can email him at mtello@k12albemarle.org.
Fun Fact! Our ‘Equity and Diversity’ is one program in our school system that is a unique program in our state. 
Please let Mr. Tello or the Parent Council know if you are interested in exploring a conversation around Equity and Diversity in a larger forum.   Additionally, if you have any questions or comments for the Parent Council you can email Sharon Fix at agnorhurtpto@gmail.com.

Fall Festival is Coming!

Although it seems that school just started, Fall Festival is right around the corner!  The event is on Saturday, October 28 from 4-7pm, and it is SOOOO much fun for kids and grown-ups alike!  Please help us have a successful event by signing up to help.  If every parent signs up for just one shift, we will have plenty of volunteers to make the event  a success.  Thank you!

Parent Council

The Albemarle Parent Council’s mission is to serve as a forum for parents, educators, and school officials to share ideas and exchange information in order to further advance the quality of the public education system within Albemarle County.

Some of our goals are…

– Inform parents on current issues regarding the education system, and familiarize them with areas that need attention.

– Provide leadership and representation of Albemarle County schools for parents to effectively work together toward common goals and have an influential voice regarding the educational processes affecting their children.

– Advocate on behalf of the Parent Council with regard to communications of key issues to provide information to school PTO’s*, parents, and community leaders.

– Act as a central point for sharing information among PTO’s for individual schools to enhance the strength and value of the PTO system.

– Initiate educational sessions on topics relevant to effective operations for the public school system

If you have topics, questions, or concerns that you think may be of interest to the Parent Council please submit them to Sharon Fix at agnorhurtpto@gmail.com

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

Welcome to the 2017-18 Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)! We are so excited you are here and look forward to seeing all the new and familiar faces of our AHES community.

Throughout the year, the PTO organizes a variety of events and activities that bring our AHES community together. We kicked off this school year with a delicious hot breakfast to welcome back approximately 100 staff members on their first day of the 2017-18 school year. Next up…

  • a Kindergarten Popsicle Social on Friday, August 25 from 6-7:30 p.m. on the upper playground
  • our first monthly PTO meeting on Tuesday, August 29, from 7-8pm in the school library.
  • our Welcome Back Family Picnic and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new playground on Sunday, September 17 from 3-6 p.m.
  • and our largest event of the year our Fall Festival and Silent Auction on Saturday, October 28 from 4-7 p.m.

The PTO mets monthly, usually on the 4th Tuesday of the month, from 7-8pm.  Attending these meetings is a great opportunity to share your ideas and get involved, meet and stay connected with other families, and be engaged in your child’s educational experience.

This year, the PTO will be raising funds to support a variety of projects, including playground updates, beautification projects throughout the interior and exterior of the building, and supporting field trips, projects, and assemblies. We will be running a direct donation project that will lead up to our Fall Festival and hope that every family will consider supporting this fundraising effort.

We invite all of you to play an active role in our 2017-18 PTO; there is truly an opportunity for everyone to participate and we will work with you to find out the best way for you to support the PTO while finding balance with your home, family, work life.

Your 2017-2018 PTO Board:
President– Sheila Chrobak
Vice President– Susan Scott
Treasurer– Meredith Curs
Secretary– Dana Washington
Communications Chair– Safia Wentling
Parent Council Representative– Sharon Fix

Come meet us at the PTO meeting on August 29 in the school library (7:00pm)!

Opportunity for your Kids…

A local group has offered our kids an opportunity to make a little money, and to help out the PTO at the same time:
iSoftStone is working on  a new home device similar to Amazon Echo, scheduled to be released in September.  In order for the device to function properly and recognize children’s commands, we are looking to collect speech samples from children ages 5-13. Children will have to repeat back to the device 30 short commands which will take 5-10 minutes per child. After the end of each session, the kids will receive a reward of $15. The speech samples can be done either at participants’ locations or at our location.
We are also offering a referral bonus of $5 for each referred child who will complete the speech sample. In addition, if you are wiling to invite your children’s friends, cousins, neighbors to your home and have a minimum of 12 kids for a collection in one day ( we can further discuss which days/times suit you better)  we will offer a hosting bonus of $100 to you as well as the referral bonuses. Incentives and bonuses will be paid in cash at your location.
If you and your kids are interested, please reach out to Tatiana at 4342842832 or via email at tvf6bk@virginia.edu.
A small group of AHES kids are signed up to do it at Sheila Chrobak’s office on Tuesday morning, August 15, at 10:00am.  If you’d like to join that group, please contact Sheila at agnorhurtpto@gmail.com, and also let Tatiana know that you will be there.  Otherwise, contact Tatiana directly to set up a time/place of your convenience.  Please be sure to mention the AHES PTO so that we receive the donation.

Join the Redistricting Committee!

Agnor Hurt has the opportunity for 2 representatives to serve on the Woodbrook Redistricting Advisory Committee which will begin to meet this fall 2017.  Please consider applying for a position on this committee. Applications (due this Friday, July 14) and additional information can be found at
The school division has experienced enrollment growth in the urban ring area adding over 250 students in the last 5 years in the four elementary schools whose boundaries surround the city of Charlottesville: Agnor-Hurt, Cale, Greer, and Woodbrook. This growth has exceeded the building capacity of those facilities. Greer is experiencing the most significant overcrowding as a result of this growth. A redistricting study was conducted in 2015 to evaluate more immediate options for Greer Elementary prior to additional seats being built. No solution was found with the conclusion that additional capacity needed to be constructed. To this end, an addition onto Woodbrook Elementary was approved and is currently under construction. This project is intended to provide relief to Woodbrook, Agnor-Hurt, and Greer. It is planned that the addition will be complete and open for the 2018-19 school year.

Midsummer PTO Update

Happy Mid-Summer Greetings Agnor Hurt Families!
We hope that you are enjoying an amazing fun filled summer and finding a bit of time for some rest and relaxation as well.  Our PTO Board has begun its work to ensure that we have a wonderful year ahead of us filled with events designed around our mission: To promote an active and open partnership within the Agnor-Hurt Elementary School community in order to inspire students to fully realize their academic, social and emotional potential while nurturing their cultural and community awareness.
Meet the 2017-18 Board Members:
President- Sheila Chrobak
Vice President- Susan Scott
Treasurer- Meredith Curs
Secretary- Dana Washington
Communications Chair- Safia Wentling
Parent Council Representative- Sharon Fix
But our PTO Board isn’t complete!  We are looking to expand our board in order to have a greater reach across our entire Agnor Hurt community.  Would you consider participating as a Grade Level Representative (ensuring that teachers and families in your “wing” of the school are able to actively engage in the PTO)?  Or how about as Fundraising Coordinator (coordinating all of our traditional and new fundraisers)? What about Volunteer Coordinator (making sure that parents have a way to share their special interests and skills within all our volunteer opportunities)?  Want to find out more about how you can participate?  Email Sheila Chrobak at agnorhurtpto@gmail.com
We have a such a wonderfully diverse community with so many varied skill sets and talents and there is truly something for everyone when it comes to PTO participation.  Fill our our General Volunteer Form and we will look forward to connecting with you.  Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities throughout the year and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to share how you would like to contribute.  Many hands make for lighter work and a truly active and engaged community!

Fall Festival 2017

Fall Festival is our largest Fundraiser of the school year and we are excited to continue this tradition while also bringing some new elements to the festival this year!  Did you know that some of our Fall Festival preparations are already underway?!  Yes, it’s true.  How can I help, you ask?  We are looking for individuals to coordinate Food, Silent Auction, and Children’s Auction events.  Have ideas for other ways to support us?  We are all ears and want to know how you’d like to jump in on Fall Festival planning and preparation.  Email us as agnorhurtpto@gmail.com and let’s start chatting!

PTO Planning Update

The first meeting of the 2017-18 PTO Board was held on Monday evening. While enjoying some delicious food, including vegetables harvested from the AHES gardens, we bounced around a lot of ideas for next school year!

We are excited to expand the Board in 2017-18 and invite you to consider taking on a role such as grade level representative, volunteer liaison, and/or representative from our ESOL community. We are also looking for parents who can support the roles of Fall Festival Silent Auction Coordinator & Fall Festival Foodie! Have ideas for making our school even more beautiful, join our Beautification Committee. We have a great line up of events and activities to support our students and staff at AHES…opportunities to volunteer abound!

Many hands make light work and we are excited to engage everyone in our PTO community. There is a role for everyone regardless of your time availability and being a part of this amazing community is truly inspiring!

Have questions? Want to find out how you can help out? Have ideas to share? Email us at agnorhurtpto@gmail.com

Happy Summer Break!

The PTO would like to wish you all a happy and safe summer break!  Here are a few bits of news to keep you in the loop over the summer:

Summer Storytime at the Library
Mrs. Shaffer has organized a Summer Storytime for kids!  Bring your children for stories and activities:
June 18 and June 26,  2:00pm at the Agnor-Hurt library
July 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31,  2:00pm at the Northside Library meeting room

Redistricting Committee – Apply Today!
The County is putting together a redistricting committee.  Once the Woodbrook Elementary addition is complete, there will be some shifting of school boundaries.  Parents from the Agnor-Hurt district are invited to apply to be on the committee.  See more info below:
News release from ACPS
Download the application
C’ville Tomorrow Article

Congratulations to Mrs. Castner,  Welcome Back Mr. Granger!
We will miss Mrs. Castner, but wish her all the best in her new position with the County!  We are excited to welcome Mr. Granger back as the interim principal for the 2017-2018 school year.  Details here.

PTO Meeting/School Board Candidate

Our last PTO meeting of the school year will be on Tuesday, May 16.  In addition to electing new officers for next year, we will have the opportunity to hear from Mary McIntyre, a candidate for the Rio District of the School Board.

Parents, guardians, grandparents are encouraged to attend.  We hope you can join us for this information-packed meeting!  We will meet at 6:30pm in the school library;  meetings generally don’t last longer than one hour.

AHES Wins Award/Grant!

The K-5 Multiage team submitted a grant over Spring Break for the Greater VA Connect the Dots Green Schools Challenge to sustain our school wide Garden-to-Table Project! Guess who took top prize? Agnor-Hurt! This is huge for AHES to keep our gardens growing! $750 will be coming our way. Courtney Wood happily attended the awards night in Richmond last week and accepted the award on our school’s behalf. The plaque will be displayed soon!

Box Top Contest Update

Thank you to all of the students who collected and submitted Box Tops for our contest.  We are proud to announce the winning class earning a popsicle party is Mr. Lilley’s 4th grade class. Their class collected a total of 512 boxtops, earning over $50 for Agnor Hurt!

We collect Box Tops all year long, so please keep clipping!  You can send them in to school with your child anytime, or save them all up (even over the summer) and save them for the next contest (which will be next fall).

Thank You!

Talent Show
Wow, what an amazing evening at the first Agnor-Hurt Talent Show!  There are so many talented children here at Agnor-Hurt.  We are so grateful that you all shared your talents with us!  The PTO would like to send a special thank you to Dana Washington and Dawna McCracken for coordinating this very special evening.  A huge thank you also goes out to all the teachers and parents who helped make the evening run smoothly!  We couldn’t have done it without you all!
Teacher Appreciation Week
Thank you to all the parents who helped us make our teachers and staff feel appreciated last week!  Our teachers and staff were able to enjoy breakfast, a jungle lunch and coffee delivery. A special thank you to Derry Wade for coordinating the staff lunch! The PTO was also able to purchase each K-5 classroom teacher a book from their wish list at the Book Fair!
Book Fair
There were too many parent volunteers to name, but thank you to all of you who donated your time to help make the Book Fair a success!  We raised $1500 that will be split between the library, art, and music programs at Agnor-Hurt.  Thank you as well to all of the parents and students who purchased books!