Thank You!

Talent Show
Wow, what an amazing evening at the first Agnor-Hurt Talent Show!  There are so many talented children here at Agnor-Hurt.  We are so grateful that you all shared your talents with us!  The PTO would like to send a special thank you to Dana Washington and Dawna McCracken for coordinating this very special evening.  A huge thank you also goes out to all the teachers and parents who helped make the evening run smoothly!  We couldn’t have done it without you all!
Teacher Appreciation Week
Thank you to all the parents who helped us make our teachers and staff feel appreciated last week!  Our teachers and staff were able to enjoy breakfast, a jungle lunch and coffee delivery. A special thank you to Derry Wade for coordinating the staff lunch! The PTO was also able to purchase each K-5 classroom teacher a book from their wish list at the Book Fair!
Book Fair
There were too many parent volunteers to name, but thank you to all of you who donated your time to help make the Book Fair a success!  We raised $1500 that will be split between the library, art, and music programs at Agnor-Hurt.  Thank you as well to all of the parents and students who purchased books!

December News Bits

The PTO meeting scheduled for December 6 has been cancelled.  Please plan on joining us for the January 10 meeting at 6:30pm.

Thank you to all the families who came out for the Zoe’s Kitchen fundraiser night!  The kids really enjoyed seeing their friends and teachers out on the town.

The PTO would like to thank Sheila Chrobak and Michele Ramos for organizing a successful Barnes & Noble fundraiser!  Thank you as well to the parents and staff members who helped with the wish list table, activities, and storytimes.

PTO Budget Update

Our fall fundraisers have been very successful! Thank you to those who bought t-shirts, supported the Fall Festival/ Silent Auction, and came to Skate Night! Here’s what we are doing with all that income:


We have spent money to support the following projects:

1.    Teacher classroom supplies ($100 per teacher)

2.    Wildlife Center Sponsor an Animal for 3rd grade

3.    Jamestown Field trip – 4th grade

4.    Native American Day – 2nd grade

5.    Amazement Square field trip – 2nd grade

6.    Teacher Back-to-School Breakfast (August)

7.    Printing student directory


Future projects include International Night (March), the 5th grade field trip and graduation, and the Kindergarten butterfly project.


Come to our January 12 meeting to discuss other projects we would like to fund this year!

Thank you!

It is hard to believe that we have come to the end of another school year at Agnor-Hurt Elementary.  The PTO would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their busy schedules to help us achieve great things for our school.  We hope you all have a safe and fun filled summer!  See you in August!

Summer Fun… In between vacationing and relaxing, parents and school staff will be working hard over the summer to plan for next year!   If you have suggestions, questions, or want to be involved in something, please reach out to us!

We are also looking for ideas for new games for Fall Festival.  If you have ideas, please send them in!

You can e-mail us at .  Thank you!